Believe it and You WILL Achieve it!

162 Power Packed Pages of How to be a Real Achiever.

Believe it and You WILL Achieve it!

Table Of Contents

  1. 10 Inspirational quotes than can improve yourself 6
  2. 10 Questions you should ask yourself 10
  3. 10 Ways to empower your communication 14
  4. 10 Ways to start taking control 18
  5. Be happy 22
  6. Bring innovation into your life 26
  7. Build your self esteem a starter guide to self improvement 29
  8. Coaching an easy way to make things happen 33
  9. Develop your intuition 37
  10. Dream your life 41
  11. Energy healing 45
  12. Enjoy your life change your point of view 49
  13. Every problem has a solution your guide to creative problem solving 53
  14. Good use of relaxation 57
  15. Grow spiritually a guide to spiritual development 61
  16. Harnessing your attraction power 65
  17. Herbal supplements is it worth the risk-yes 69
  18. How natural medicine can help you 73
  19. How to be genuinely happy 77
  20. Its time to start a Healthy life 80
  21. Make it happen be a leader 84
  22. Meditation techniques 88
  23. Motivation the heart of self improvement 92
  24. Positive attitude can change the world around you 97
  25. Self empowerment using people unlock your social potential 101
  26. Self improvement and success 105
  27. Start your own coaching 109
  28. Take decision live your own life 112
  29. The basics of goal settings 117
  30. The power of relationships 121
  31. Unleash your creative thinking 125
  32. Unlock your self improvement power 128
  33. What can time management bring to your personal growth 132
  34. What you should know on Leadership 137
  35. Why is it important to improve yourself 141
  36. Your 5 minute daily program to Stress management 144
  37. Your 7 days program to Positive thinking 148
  38. Your 7 days program to self improvement 151
  39. Your 7 days program to Stress management 155
  40. Your secret to success have a vision of who you are and want to be 159

    Destination: A vision of who you want to be

    ―Who do want to be?‖ this is your vision. Now it is important that you know yourself so that you would have a clearer idea of who you want to be; and the things you want to change whether they are attitudes, habits, or points of view. If you hardly know yourself, then your vision and targets for the future would also be unclear. Your destination should cover all the aspects of your being: the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Continuing Jean‘s story, after she defined her beliefs, values, and principles in life, she decided that she wanted to have a life dedicated in serving her fellowmen.

    Vehicle: Your Mission

    A vehicle is the means by which you can reach your destination. It can be analogized to your mission or vocation in life. To a great extent, your mission would depend on what you know about yourself. Bases on Jean‘s self-assessment, she decided that she was suited to become a doctor, and that she wanted to become one. Her chosen vocation was a medical doctor. Describing her vision-mission fully: it was to live a life dedicated to serving her fellowmen as a doctor in conflict-areas. Travel Bag: Your knowledge, skills, and attitude.

    Food, drinks, medicines, and other traveling necessities are contained in a bag. Applying this concept to your life map, you also bring with you certain knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These determine your competence and help you in attaining your vision. Given such, there is a need for you to ....

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